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Welcome to my website about the Olympus Pen range of cameras from the 1960s-1980s and my Pen collection.


I first became interested in Pen cameras in the mid-1980s. An impoverished student keen to save money wherever possible, I was somewhat struck with a little camera that a friend owned. It took standard 35mm film, but could take twice as many photos on a roll as standard 35mm cameras. Eventually I managed to get hold of one of my own, a Pen EES from August 1967, which I used for a number of years until restriction on time and facilities caused me to take a break from photography. When I restarted in the late 1990s, I found that my little Pen was no longer working. I attempted to service it, but found that the light meter was totally dead. However, I was intrigued by the simplicity of the design and started to find out more about the cameras - and the bug bit!


My current aim is to obtain one example of every model of Pen camera made, if I possibly can - along with the lenses and accessories. I am not concerned that they be in absolute mint condition, provided that they actually work. Pristine, dead, cameras don't interest me, although neither do completely tatty ones. To this end I have tested, and serviced where required, all my viewfinder Pens, in a few cases acquiring a second example and cannibalising it for spare parts - principally meters or light cells. So far, I have not needed to open up the SLRs, probably something that I should be thankful for!

So far I have managed to acquire examples of all the Viewfinder cameras (bar one, about which there is doubt as to whether any still exist at all), all the SLR Cameras, all the SLR Lenses (bar one which commands a price of at least four figures in just about any currency you like) and most of the accessories. I know of about a dozen items that I still have to source and acquire, although there may be more that I haven't even seen yet.


I have split the gallery into several sections, SLR Pens & Lenses, SLR Accessories, Viewfinder Pens, Viewfinder Pen Accessories, Other Items and Cases. Each section has thumbnail images of the items, which link to larger photos and information about them. I hope you find them of interest.


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