The Lakes Project

What is "The Lakes Project"? Well, I'd been visiting and photographing the Lake District for a few years and realised that I was getting into a rut - always going to the same places and rarely discovering new parts. Also, I wanted something to spur me into getting away from the car and spending more time walking in this beautiful region. What could I do? Peak-bagging, going to the top of every mountain and hill, didn't really appeal - not even doing "The Wainwrights", all the fells that Alfred Wainwright covered in his Guides to the Fells. Maybe a bit too strenuous to start with, considering I hadn't done any real walking for several years. It had to be something else. Then I thought of the reason why it's called the Lake District instead of, maybe, the Fells District.

Thus the project was decided - I would try to visit and photograph all the lakes, meres, tarns and waters. With over 1000 of them, some sense of scale was called for so I decided that I would (initially) restrict myself to all the ones which are within the National Park and have a name on the Ordnance Survey 1:25000 maps. This still left me with a list of 164 to do, to which I've added any other that happened to be en route to ones on the list. As I was poring over the maps, I quickly realised that it won't be much less strenuous than peak-bagging - not when I found Foxes and Broadcrag Tarns hiding just below the summits of Sca Fell and Scafell Pike, the two highest mountains in England. Oh well, so be it.

I don't expect to be able to get to all of the lakes, some are on private property and permission to visit is unlikely to be granted. Neither do I expect all of them to be photogenic, I've already found some that aren't worth a second glance - but they're on the list so had to be included. Finally, I do not expect to get good photographs every time. The weather and light play an enormous part and won't always be kind to me. I expect to need to revisit quite a few of the lakes at least once before I'm satisfied. Oh well, that'll prevent me getting bored for a few years!

At the time of writing (July 2012) I have so far visited 142 out of my current list of 166, so there are "only" 20 still to go, not counting 4 that are inaccessible due to being within private land. As I "bag" more, I'll update the relevant page(s) or add pages where I've added another to the list.