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Photographers' sites

Southampton Camera Club
is my local club, meeting just outside Southampton every Monday.

- Tony Parkinson is an ex-member of SCC, who is my host when I visit Northern England.

Lakeland Landscape - Michael Sayles' Lake District photography website

Oaktree Photographic - Ewan Stephenson's Landscape & Floral photography website

Peter Madeley Photography - Evocative images from Africa and the UK, by Peter Madeley

Travelscapeimages - Colin Garthwaite's landscape website

Johnboy Photography - more landscape images, by John Hill

Visions of Nature UK Wildlife Photography - a fine collection of nature photography by Steve Hooper-Lawrie

John Edwards Photography - yet more landscape and wildlife images from John Edwards

David Lewins Portfolio - yes, more landscape & wildlife, this time from Davd Lewins

Actual-Images - the site of Carol Saunders, mainly portraits, pets & weddings

Carol Saunders Wildlife Photograpy - Carol's seperate site for her wildlfie photos

Pembrokeshire Photos - Frank Whittle's website depicting the beautiful Pembrokeshire area of South Wales

Don Cohen's excellent digital wildlife & landscape photography site

Tony Spadaro is an online acquaintance from the USA, who's website is well worth a look.

Stephen Butterworth has a fine set of images of classic British cars in Switzerland, along with a large number of useful links.

Darren White's digital photos - amongst his many landscape photos, Darren has some smashing photos of the Dorset coast.

George Standen Photography - Landscape Photography, Digital Photography, Colour, Black and White, and Abstract Photography - the wildlife & nature photography website of Val Saxby, a fellow member of several photo forums I frequent.

ephotos - the site of Elaine Whitby, a fellow member of the Focal Planet.

Forum & Info sites

a Forum and Gallery discussion/community for photographers, by photographers.

The Photography Cafe - a friendly photography site with forums, tutorials & other articles and members' photo galleries

Fred Miranda's digital photography site, includes forums on many subjects.

Pekka Saarinen's site is specific to Canon digital and also has popular message boards.

Rob Galbraith's website is aimed at professional digital photographers but does have useful tips and helpful users in the message boards. has many useful articles on digital photography and a flourishing set of message fora. Signal/noise ratio can be somewhat low though, especially just before trade shows when the rumour mills are working overtime.

Digitalphotgraphynow - another forum site that I visit occasionally.

Canonians is a website for Canon digital users, with a lot of useful information. is a site specifically for close-up and macro photographers, or those who (like me) would like to learn more about the art. is a good site for learning about making panorama photos.

Eosseries is a good French website about Canon EOS gear, with an English version, thank heavens ;-)

the EOS Documentation Project is worth a look - it's a collection of manuals and articles to help people get the best out of their Canon gear, often covering stuff that the Canon manuals don't.

Accurate Image Manipulation has useful information about post-processing digital images, whether digitally captured or scanned. is a useful site for information about scanning images.

Computer is another hints & tips site, well worth a look if you're keen to get the best you can out of your images.

Luminous Landscape is Michael Reichmann's excellent photography site, with reviews and tutorials.

There is an excellent article about Canon EOS flash photgraphy at


Equipment & Software Suppliers

Canon UK website - I've got to include this as most of my gear is made by them ;-)

Canon Camera Museum - the history of and information about Canon gear

Breezebrowser is one of the best third-party RAW decoders for Canon digital cameras.

Capture One DSLR is another - I actually own and use both these, depending on what I want to achieve from any given image.

NeatImage is one of the best, inexpensive digital noise filtration programs and works very nicely with D30 high-ISO images.

QImage is the best printing software I've found, giving almost limitless control over your printed output.


Dealers & Printers

Pro-Am Imaging - an excellent printing service, with excellent value for money - e.g. 18"x12" prints for £1.00 plus p/p

- an excellent online printing service, with a wide range of products

Snappy Snaps is a processing/printing franchise - I can't speak for all branches, but the Southampton one does excellent work.

I don't use film much now, but when I did I had excellent processing service from Peak Imaging - reports I hear indicate that they are still one of the best.

Park Cameras is a dealer in Sussex, often offering very good prices and excellent service.

Speedgraphic in Alton offer very good service, and reasonable prices. Their range of stock is very good.

Warehouse Express - first-class range, prices and service

Bristol Cameras - another dealer offering a wide range with keen prices and good service

Selectafont are suppliers of inkjet inks and cartridges - excellent prices and service.

For producing slides from digital images, I have had excellent service from Microquiz

XLShop are also good suppliers of inkjet materials.

For cheap supplies, then 7dayshop, MX2 and Photoglossy on the Channel Islands offer keen prices. Delivery is usually longer than mainland suppliers and some people have had problems with one or other of them. Personally I haven't had any problems and would just advise that they are not to be recommended for items that are needed quickly. If time is not critical, then the prices are worth the wait.

UK Camera Shops - a useful directory of ... well, you can guess, can't you?

Ffordes - great for second-hand cameras and other gear

MW Classic Cameras - another regular that I keep an eye on for any classics that I'm after.


Locations & Other Info

BBC Weather Centre - always worth checking before venturing out!

NetWeather - for more detailed weather forecasts

Ordnance Survey Get-a-Map - useful for checking a location if you haven't bought the map - yet ;-)

Southampton Port Information Network - much of the site requires membership, but the Passenger Liner schedules and tide tables are publically accessible.

UK Hydrographic Office - has tide tables for up to six days ahead.

Universe Now - calculates sunrise and sunset times and positions for almost anywhere in the world - very useful.

Original Light - another sunrise/set calculator.

USNO - calculates sunrise/set times for anywhere in the world for any year

Hampshire Wildlife Trust operates several nature reserves around (yep, you guessed it) Hampshre and the Isle of Wight.

as does the Hampshire Ornithological Society.

The New Forest Reptile Centre can be worth a visit - if you don't choose a day when the reptiles are hibernating or hiding from the cold!

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust operates several reserves around the UK, includuing the original Slimbridge site founded by Sir Peter Scott in 1946.

Wildwood in Kent is a reserve well worth a visit

as is Marwell Zoo, near Southampton

Dean Birders is a website providing Birdwatching information, gallery, and daily photo reports from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England maintained by and for disabled and housebound birdwatchers.


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